What Do Mercedes Names Mean?

In this article we’ll give you an in depth look at the Mercedes naming structure to help you understand what their names really mean.

Mercedes Core Model Names

Mercedes have a few core model names that are used across their vehicle ranges. These are the A, B, C, E, S and V letters.

The standard models are termed LETTER Class so they are the A Class, B Class, C Class, E Class, S Class and V Class.

Mercedes will then use this letter to indicate a body style or shape in other categories so for example the EQS is an electric version of the S Class.

Mercedes EV Names

There are three names that you’ll see used by Mercedes to indicate a vehicle is an electric or hybrid model.

The first is a vehicle whose model name begins with EQ followed by another letter. These vehicles are fully electric variants and will usually be based on the corresponding existing model for example the EQA is based on the A Class, the EQV on the V Class and so on.

The second option you might see is a model with EQ Boost, this is added to a model name to show that it uses mild hybrid technology in order to improve fuel economy, reduces energy being wasted and give you an extra boost when needed, hence the name.

The third option you’ll see is simply hybrid which is used on both plug-in and non-plug-in models and will let you know a car is a hybrid that provides you with a purely electric range.

Off-Road Mercedes Models

A G, on its own, in the name will indicate the vehicle is an off-roader or SUV. If it is a GL, then this is used for a lightweight SUV.

Currently, Mercedes have the GLA, GLB, GLC, GLE, GLS and G Class variants in their SUV range.

Mercedes Sports Car Models

There are a few sportier options that Mercedes offers across their full range and they’ll be indicated with a few different letters.

Firstly, if a car has S in the name (not including the S Class) then this indicates that it is a sports model.

If it has an SL in the name then it will be a lightweight sports car. These tend to be high-performance, powerful and fast cars.

You might also see CL on some cars, this is not a sports car exactly but means a lightweight coupe which is typically the sportier style models. Or Roadster which is a two-door sports convertible model.

Performance Mercedes Models’

If a car has AMG in its name, then this indicates that it is one of Mercedes’ high-performance models, you will find AMG appears across several different models and may be combined for example the EQS 53 AMG variant is an electric performance model.

GT stands for Gran Turismo which is used for some of their other performance models that are high powered


The Maybach brand has become a part of Mercedes again, after the founder Wilhelm Maybach left Mercedes-Benz and established his own company, Maybach, with the aim of producing high-quality luxury vehicles. Today the Maybach moniker is used on Mercedes’ most luxury models.

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