Understanding Lease Mileage Allowances

Looking to lease but want to find out more about what mileage requirements and restrictions there are for you? Then look no further!

We’ve put together this article to answer some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to lease car mileage. And if you have any further questions about leasing a Mercedes and the mileage allowance then you can give us a call on 033 772 1419.

What is a Mileage Allowance?

When you take out a lease agreement you agree to a number of conditions including a mileage allowance for the duration of the lease. This will usually be given as an annual mileage limit but the funder will only check how many miles are on the clock at the end of the agreement.

A mileage allowance is an important part of the agreement as the more a car is driven and the more miles it covers the more wear to the vehicle components which means that more maintenance will be needed. Additionally, a higher mileage will affect the potential resale value of the value which is used in part to help the funder calculate the monthly lease price.

What’s the Minimum Mileage I Can Do?

The minimum mileage available varies between funders and the type of vehicle you are driving.

In general, the minimum mileage for a car that most funders offer is between 5,000 and 8,0000 annually. For a van it is usually a little higher because as commercial vehicles they are expected to travel further.

What’s the Maximum Mileage I Can Do?

Again, this will depend on the type of vehicle you are driving and some funders break it down between fuel types as electric motors, petrol and diesel combustion engines can manage a different level of mileage before showing signs of wear.

If you think you do a lot of miles and are unsure whether a lease could accommodate this then get in touch and one of our helpful Leasing Consultants will be able to advise you on the best option!

What Happens if I Go Over My Mileage Allowance?

When you sign your lease agreement you will agree to a set mileage and an overmiles charge. The overmiles charge will usually be shown in pence per mile and will be the amount you will pay for each mile exceeding the total mileage allowance.

At the end of your contract the car will be inspected prior to collection and as part of this inspection the vehicle mileage will be noted.  If this is over the contract allowance then your funder will send you an invoice based on the agreed overmiles charge.

What Happens if I’m Under My Mileage Allowance?

You will not be charged if you are under the contracted mileage and there is no additional benefit to being under the mileage allowance by a lot which is why it is better to choose a mileage allowance that accurately reflects your useage.

Can I Change My Mileage Allowance?

Most funders will allow you to make an amendment to the mileage allowance during your lease agreement but will not do so until you have had the vehicle for a year so that you have an accurate estimate of your annual mileage.

You should also be aware that some funders will only allow one amendment during your contract so you don’t want to reduce it by too much and end up with an overmiles charge because of this.

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