Smells like team spirit.

Few actions.

Did somebody seriously just complain that ­Formula 1 cars have got quieter? It’s just before noon at the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motor­sport facility in Brackley. The throaty revving of an engine fills the warehouse. It’s so loud that you need earplugs just to get it to a tolerable level. Head Mechanic Matt Deane, 44, has scheduled one more pit stop rehearsal before the team heads to their next race. They practise their manoeuvres in as few actions as possible, just like they’ve done hundreds of times before. But if your job is to change a tyre in under two seconds, there’s no such thing as too much practice. Deane looks at a screen that tells him exactly how long each ­person needs to do what. In Formula 1, every millisecond counts – and that also goes for the crew.

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