MrJWW presents the A-Class 2018 (Part 2): MBUX & Connectivity.

MrJWW presents the A-Class (Part 2): MBUX & Connectivity.

YouTube pro MrJWW puts the revolutionary MBUX infotainment system of the A-Class through it’s paces. The new A-Class talks back! Just try a quick “Hey Mercedes!” to activate LINGUATRONIC.

Conventional voice control systems in cars call for certain fixed commands from their users. Thanks to natural speech recognition, MBUX’s LINGUATRONIC, on the other hand, obeys virtually every command, recognises and understands nearly all sentences from the fields of infotainment and vehicle operation. For example, “Will the sun be shining tomorrow in Split?” is now understood equally as well as “Will the weather be fine in Split tomorrow?”.

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