Mountain legend: Taking the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo K up the Mont Ventoux.

Mont Ventoux, the “windy mountain”.

The road up to the 1,912-metre-high summit of Mont Ventoux in Provence is seen as a cult stage of the Tour de France – and, with its inclines, bends and breathtaking views, as a dream route for touring coaches. Provided the coach has sufficient engine power and the coach driver has plenty of patience.

Endless vineyards and fragrant lavender fields? Far from it: barren rocky landscape as far as the eye can see. Mediterranean summer temperatures and a mild breeze? Far from it: icy gusts of wind whistle round our coach at speeds of more than 90 km/h. Mont Ventoux, the “windy mountain”, does its name justice and impressively shows visitors to the 1,912-metre-high summit that Provence has other things to offer than the usual clichés, which the tourist office likes to use to advertise this southern region of France.

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