How to Get the Best Deal on Your New Mercedes Lease

Want to know how to get the best deal on a new Mercedes? We’ve got the answers here!

We know that finding a great lease deal is what everyone wants so we’ve put together this article on how you can find the best deal for you. What is considered the best lease deal will vary between drivers and what they are looking for, but this will help you find yours.

Before you start looking at the deals available there are three essential questions to ask that will help find your ideal lease. These are:

  • What are you looking for from your new Mercedes?
  • What is your realistic budget?
  • Is leasing the right choice for you?

What are You Looking for from Your New Car?

Before you even look at the deals and offers available you first should sit down and really think about what you’re looking for. You should break this down into needs and wants, the needs will be the must have features while the wants are ones you’d like but are willing to drive without if it gets you a good deal.

When considering your needs and wants you should think about what the car will be used for and how this may change over the duration of a lease. A lease will typically last two to four years and your life can significantly change during this time, and while not all change is expected there are some changes you plan for that could affect your vehicle needs such as having a family, changing to a role that requires more travel or one that is working from home and reduces your mileage. We advise being flexible on the specific model or trim level and instead thinking in terms of size, passenger space and comfort as there may be a car that’s perfect for you but is an estate rather than the SUV you were set on.

Another factor to consider when deciding on what you need from your new car is the fuel type, with more and more hybrid and fully electric vehicles (EVs) available there’s a wider range of engine options for you to choose from that will all meet your daily mileage needs. There’s a few different things to consider with the fuel type including whether you have the ability to charge an electric car at home, what your daily mileage is and what can meet this, the cost of charging / filling up your car, the type of driving you do and whether this could cause issues for a particular fuel type, such as not doing enough driving to prevent the diesel particulate filter from becoming blocked.

It’s not just your wants and needs from the car that you need to think about but also what you are looking for from the lease contract. We’ve already mentioned that leases can be two, three or four years in length and depending on your needs then you might have a set lease length that you need.

Leases also have a set mileage allowance and should take a look at your current annual mileage to see what you’ll want from a new contract. If you go over the mileage allowance at the end of the agreement you will be charged for the excess mileage, so this is something you’ll want to get fairly accurate to avoid a high charge further down the road. It is possible to amend your mileage during the contract, however this will have an impact on the monthly payments you make so it’s better to try and get a more accurate mileage at the start of the process.

What is Your Leasing Budget?

The cost of leasing a car is only part of the total cost of driving the car and you’ll also want to consider the associated costs when deciding on a realistic budget for the lease itself.

Other costs that you’ll want to factor into your total monthly budget include:

  • Fuel / charging
  • Insurance
  • Servicing and Maintenance

Depending on the vehicle you choose the cost of these will vary and so what you’ll usually want to do is work out what you can roughly afford as a total vehicle budget and what you expect the breakdown of this to be.

We can always add a maintenance package to your lease agreement which will be a fixed monthly price for the servicing and expected maintenance on the vehicle for the duration of the agreement. This is something you may want to consider when working out the total cost of a particular lease deal.

Additionally, it’s worth thinking about how much you can pay for the initial rental amount. The total cost of the lease will be the same no matter how much you pay as the initial rental which means if you pay more upfront then the following monthly rentals will be lower. If you’re able to make a larger initial rental then you may want to consider this and how it could reduce the regular monthly payments as this can lead to you affording a better spec than you otherwise may have been able to.

Is Leasing Your New Mercedes the Right Choice?

Here at Mercedes on Lease we do only offer leases but there are other funding methods available and whenever you get a new vehicle you should always consider if leasing is the right choice for you. Leasing is a flexible way for many drivers to get behind the wheel of a new car without large costs or worries about the value of it depreciating but we know that it may not always be the right choice.

One thing with leasing to keep in mind is that you will need to hand the vehicle back to the funder at the end of the contract, and while some may allow you to purchase the vehicle this is not guaranteed.

If you have any questions about leasing and whether it is the right choice for you then our team is always happy to help, and you can reach them on 0333 772 1419.

Getting a Good Lease Price

Once you have the answers to these three questions and really understand the areas where you have flexibility for change, such as the colour, contract length or extra features you’ll be able to get yourself the best possible lease deal for you!

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