How to Get Mercedes Me for Your Car

We know that getting a new car is an exciting time and in the modern world a new car will usually come with high-tech perks including being able to control the car with a tap on your phone.

We’ve put together this article to help you understand Mercedes Me and how it will work with your new Mercedes.

What is Mercedes Me?

Mercedes Me is the system that you will need to have an account on in order to pay for and manage services including the Mercedes Me Connect features, MBUX systems and much more!

Mercedes Me Connect is the app which allows you to connect your phone to your car and control some of the features via the app no matter where you are, such as locking and unlocking the doors.

What Features Does Mercedes Me Connect Offer?

Please note that some of the features listed below may only be compatible with some spec levels of vehicles and may be on different packages of the Mercedes Me system.

Remote Controls: Double check that all your windows and doors are locked, your tyre pressure is correct

Remote Parking Assist: Automatic manoeuvring allows you to manoeuvre in and out of parking spaces, park lengthways and crossways and enter and leave garages all from your smartphone.

Navigation: Live traffic information optimises the route for you and provides details on alternative routes and arrival times. It can also alert you to any danger spots ahead.

URBAN GUARD: Mercedes URBAN GUARD is a protection system that alerts you via the app to any break ins, thefts and changes in positions or movement within the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Charging: Use the Mercedes Me Charge network to find and charge your electric Mercedes. It also advises on the cost of charger, availability and makes it easier to use one centralised billing system for your charging needs.

Working on the Go: You can use the in-car office system in order to work through a to do list including automatic initiations of calls and dialling into teleconferences as well as automatically navigating to meeting places from your diary.

ENERGIZING Coach: The ENERGIZING packages will link to your Garmin watch or fitness tracker in order to provide you with feedback to improve your wellbeing and make adjustments to the vehicle such as seating position and targeted vitalisation for prolonged alertness.

MBUX Voice Assistant: With this voice activated system you can ask for information just like you would Siri on your iPhone like public places, interesting destinations near you and how to get there.

MBUX Entertainment: A high quality sound system that is designed to integrate your mobile streaming services or favourite radio stations into one easy to use and voice-controlled system.

How to Know What Mercedes Me Services You Can Use

If you want to know what services you might be able to get with your new Mercedes then you can use the online configurator to match the model you are looking at and then use the code it generates at the Mercedes Me Store to find the compatible services.

If you already have a Mercedes and would like to know what services you can use with your car then you simply need to head to the Mercedes Me Store and enter your VIN number.

How Do I Get Mercedes Me?

To use Mercedes Me services you will need to download the app from your phone provider’s app store, either Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.  You can find it easily by searching Mercedes in the store and the app will be free to download.

Once it’s installed you will then need to set up an account on the app, if you do not have one already from a previous car or phone.

To set up your account you will need an email address, your name and a password. You will also need to accept their terms and conditions and you will then be able select the services that you want to use on your account.

If you are using some of the Connect features, then you will also need to download the Mercedes Me Connect. Once downloaded you can simply log into the app with your Mercedes Me account details.

How Do I Pair My Car with Mercedes Me?

Once you have the app installed you will need to wait until your vehicle is being delivered before you can add the vehicle to your account.

You will usually need the dealership’s assistance to connect your vehicle. They will complete their side of the authorisation and then send you an email to complete the registration and set up your Mercedes Me account if you have not done so already, or to confirm the vehicle details if you have.

Please note that if you’re leasing a vehicle then the dealer may require authorisation from the funder in order to approve this.

If you are also using Mercedes Me Connect then you’ll need to download this app. In order to connect to your vehicle you’ll need to be in an area with a strong signal and then turn the vehicle on so that you can complete the set up.

When leasing with Mercedes on Lease our team will be happy to help arrange for the supplying dealer to set up the Mercedes Me access on your vehicle.

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