Five Ways to Remove a Sticker from Your Car Window

The days of having to display a tax disc on your windscreen are long gone but there are a number of other stickers that you might need to display on your windscreen, such as parking permits, national trust membership or you might have decorative stickers on your windows. These stickers are designed to stay put which is why they can be difficult to remove when the time comes to update them or take them off.

We’ve put together this helpful article with our top five tips on how to remove a sticker from your winder to help when this time comes.

Removing Stickers from Your Car

Please be aware that some of these methods suggest using a sharp razor blade for the more stubborn stickers and you should be extremely careful when using one. We advise using the blade at an angle, remaining steady and patient to ensure you do not scratch the window or injure yourself. Alternatively, you can use an old loyalty card or ice scraper, though these might take a little more work.

We recommend wearing appropriate hand and eyewear to protect yourself when performing any of these methods. As some of them also require the use of rather strong smelling fluids we also advise you work in a well-ventilated area and have the vehicle windows / doors open to avoid experiencing any side effects.

1. Adhesive Remover

The first option is to use an adhesive remover which is specifically designed to remove the adhesive that holds your sticker to the window, as well as any that may be left behind once the sticker is removed.

There are several different products available from well-known brands such as Goo Gone, De.Solv.It and Auto Glym as well as many other less known companies for you to choose from.

When you use an adhesive remover you will want to follow the instructions on the bottle as they can vary slightly. Generally, though you will need to spray the liquid onto the sticker, wait a few minutes, and then peel the sticker off. You might need to do a second spray on any residue left and then wipe this off.

2. Window Cleaner

Standard window cleaner can also be used to remove any sticker on the vehicle.

You can use your regular household window or glass cleaning spray to remove the sticker from your window.

Simply spray the liquid onto the sticker and allow it to soak into the adhesive for a few minutes. You’ll then want to use a cloth to rub at the spot with firm pressure until the sticker and all the adhesive is removed. You might need to spray any particularly stubborn spots a second time and allow this to soak into the area before rubbing again.

Alternatively, if the sticker is still fully attached you can carefully use a sharp razor blade to slowly peel it from the window and then use a cloth to wipe off any residue.

3. Ice

Another way to make the adhesive lose its grip is to freeze it! We advise using a few ice cubes in a bag or an icepack and placing this against the sticker to cool it down for a minute or two. We recommend using a glove or a tea towel to hold the ice to prevent your hand from getting too cold. Then you should be able to use a razor blade or the edge of an old card to peel the edge of the sticker off and then you’ll be able to get a grip and peel the rest away.

4. WD-40

Most of us will have a can of WD-40 in a cupboard somewhere as it’s such a versatile product used for a whole host of different jobs from loosening a screw to greasing a bike chain, and it can also help you remove stickers from your car window.

Although it’s typically used as a lubricant WD-40 is also a degreaser and water disperser so can help you remove stubborn sticker residue.

You’ll need to remove as much of the sticker as possible by using a razor blade carefully to peel it away from the window. Once you have as much of the sticker off you should then spray the WD-40 onto the remaining and then give it a few minutes to soak into the sticky residue. Use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. You may need to repeat this a few times on particularly stubborn areas.

5. Rubbing Alcohol

Our final option is to use rubbing alcohol, also known as isopropyl, to clean the area.

You’ll simply need to apply the rubbing alcohol to the sticker and leave it to dry. Once dry you’ll be able to peel the sticker away cleanly.

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