Buyer’s Guide – Mercedes-Benz C 123.

The new C 123.

The year 1977 was a time of premieres for Mercedes-Benz, especially in the mid-series: following on from the W 123 Saloon, which captivated the market from 1976 onwards, early 1977 saw a Coupé join the line-up ahead of a long-wheelbase Saloon, which came along later in the year together with the Estate model. With these, the manufacturer was able to essentially break down the model series so as to reach a broader audience. The Coupé was especially revered: it combined the classic, high-quality Mercedes-Benz format with an accentuated and stylised appearance. Even to the present day, the C 123 Coupé continues to assert itself without the need for yobbish sportiness or snobby self-assuredness. Quite the contrary, in fact: in 1977, the new C 123 reached a successful customer group which appreciated a more glamorous way of life.

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