10 tips how to make classic cars ready for winter.

Winter quarters for the treasured classic.

Even the most beautiful classic car season comes to an end at some point. After a great spring and a spectacular summer the automotive autumn was also very impressive. However, there comes the time when the treasured classic has to return to its cosy winter quarters. In this process, there are some things to look out for.

The graceful model series R 107 Mercedes-Benz SL, a timeless “Stroke Eight” model, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, or an elegant tail fin model – in principle, these Mercedes-Benz classics should not be used in icecold winter. Most are put away for winter in October or November to dream of magnificent rides out in endless summers or exciting experiences with other classics. However, you need to prepare your classic Mercedes-Benz for the winter break properly. The right care before the winter break is paramount if you want the automotive gem to return to its glory next spring.

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