10 Reasons to Get an Electric Mercedes

As the UK new car market shifts towards electric vehicles, we’ve put together 10 of the top reasons that you should look at one of the electric Mercedes options for your new car.

10 Reasons to Get an Electric Mercedes

1. Zero Emissions

Electric vehicles produce zero emissions at the point of use which means they are not polluting the environment you are driving in improving air quality in your area.

2. Cheaper “Fuel”

Even with the rising costs of electricity, charging an electric vehicle (EV) is much cheaper than filling up with petrol or diesel which reduces the associated running costs with owning a vehicle.

3. Expanding Range

The range of cars available for your to choose from is rapidly growing as the car market shifts towards EVs in general before the UK’s ban on the sale of new polluting vehicles in 2030. This means that unlike when EVs were first introduced you’ve got a choice of body shapes, styles, brands and trim levels.

Mercedes EQ range is growing and we’re expecting more models later this year but at the moment there’s already hatchbacks, SUVs and sportier models for you to choose from.

4. Great Battery Capacity

Mercedes have been developing their EV technology in order to provide you with bigger and better batteries that are capable of holding more power without taking up more physical space to give you a better mileage range between charges.

Nearly every Mercedes EV gives you well over 200 miles and so will more than meet your average daily needs.

5. Fast Charging

As well as developing the battery capacity Mercedes has been working to improve charging speeds so that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible if you are charging on the go. Some models will go from 20 to 80% in just 30 minutes depending on the charger.

Additionally, faster charging can reduce the time spent charging at home and save you money in doing so.

6. Easier Charging

The UK government is pushing to improve the electric charging infrastructure in the UK to help drivers who aren’t able to have home chargers or who need to charge whilst travelling to reduce the wait time for chargers and driver range anxiety and encourage more drivers to take up an EV. This means it’s getting easier and easier to charge your electric Mercedes.

7. Lower Maintenance Needs

There are fewer moving parts in an electric vehicle than there are in a traditional combustion engine which means there are fewer points of wear and will generally be less maintenance work needed. This can mean cheaper bills at the garage, however it’s important to keep in mind that because EVs are still the minority specialist equipment or technicians may be needed to fix any issues there are meaning potentially higher costs when they do occur.

8. No Congestion Charge

In London and other low emission areas electric vehicles are currently exempt from paying charges applied to vehicles with combustion engines.

With more and more city centres introducing a clean air zone (CAZ) or low emission zone (LEZ) it’s important for drivers to consider the areas they are regularly driving and whether they have or are likely to have a zone introduced.

9. Lower Company Car Tax

For business drivers, if you’re receiving a car from your business then the company car tax is much lower, at 1% for the current tax year, on an EV than it is the equivalent petrol, diesel or hybrid version.

10. Quieter Ride

A lot of the running noise that you get in a vehicle comes from the internal combustion engine, which an electric car does not have meaning they’re much quieter to drive. This can not only improve your driving experience but also reduces noise pollution in the area you’re travelling.

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